RO Booster Pump-100GPD

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Micro Pure Systems Is an entrepreneurial organization to manufacture Innovative membrane based Reverse Osmosis purification systems for various applications. These products have been developed In house by the pioneering efforts of our entire team of Micro Pure Systems.

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RO Booster Pump Giving pressure on membrane to pass pure water molecules from .0001 micron pores & reject hard metals of water from drain side,

Basically membrane based R. O. systems are State of the Art technology developed for water desalination on a larger scale. In India, every year thousands of children & pregnant women are Dying due to water born diseases.

Noticing the requirement for a smaller domestic applications, We conceptualized membrane based domestic Reverse Osmosis water purification system was launched in 1998.

This water purification system Is not only look wise unique but It has also many features that makes It the perfect water purification systems, which treat hard, brackish, salty water & even contaminated water to give an on line supply of sparkling clear, pure & safe sweet drinking water.

The complete manufacturing plant produced In house by Micro Pure Systems at Mumbai In India. This Systems is dually suited for residents, chemical industries bungalows, Co-operative Societies, town ships & Corporates etc.

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