Water is essential to all life. without it the biosphere that exist on the surface of the earth Would not be possible. Nicked named the “water” planet earth is covered by one of our most precious resources. However 97% is locked in the oceans, toxic to humans & many plants & animals. How do we obtain fresh water resources then ?

To understand, we need to turn to the hydrologic cycle {also called the water cycle}is the process that moves water around the earth. The cycle starts with the sun heating water in our rivers, lakes & oceans & turning it into water vapor which rises into the air (called evaporation ) when water vapor cools it form clouds(condensation) which become heavy with water & rains back to earth (precipitation).

It is this process that cleans the earth’s contaminated water. Water is not created or destroyed. Simply put, it is continually changing location & form. The water you drink today may have been lapped up by dinosaurs millions of year ago, or helped fill the water we use now is the same supply the human race started with. Its quality is renewed again & again by the hydrologic cycle.

This is all know to children also but don’t just take our word for it, listen to what the experts & scientist say………

“The body’s need for mineral is largely met through food not drinking water.”

The greatest damage done by inorganic minerals –plus waxy cholesterol & salt-is to the small arteries & other blood vessels of the brain (75%water) hardening of the arteries & calcification of the blood vessel start on the day you start taking inorganic chemical & minerals from the tap water into your bodies.

By Dr. Paul Bragg , ND . Ph.d

Clean, fresh water should be part of any solid nutrition program. water is the most essential nutrient in our diet, yet it is the one that is the most overlooked by doctors & nutritionists. Water is the building block of life. It is the most fundamental nutrient in our body & it plays a vital role in every bodily function including circulation ,breathing digestion ,brain activity & growth. Water is the crucial for controlling body temperature, lubrication & purifying toxins from each cell your body.

Our bodies are composed of approximately 70% water ,Blood is 83%,our Lungs are 75%water even bones are 22%water. The body constantly maintains this remarkable balance well that even a 2% drop in the percentage of water can cause fatigue & a 10 % drop in the percentage of water can result in death.

The quality of water that you put into your body is vitally important.it’s just common sense: if over 70% of your body is water & you continually replace the water that makes up your body ,then make sure that it’s the highest quality water that you can get, by MICRO PURE REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS.

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