Digestion of a pregnant woman is generally impaired due to lack of physical movement & proper/suitable exercise. Keeping this fact in view, it has to be stressed that she should avoid all heavy , starchy, fatty fried & spicy food & be sure, it should not be dissolved solids water (contaminated water).as far as possible meat based diet should be avoided, still better if total eliminated. A pregnant mother’s diet is partaken by the foetus in her womb. hence food should almost be doubled. She have to take care of health as also of her spring’s development aspect.

Keeping aforesaid points in view a pregnant lady should take plenty of juices, extracted from oranges, lime, apples, grapes, guava, watermelons, litchis & all such green vegetable from which juice could be extracted 250-350ml of juice of fruits / vegetable should be taken twice daily with pure water not with suspended solids water. Which is harmful for foetus in her womb.

So keep in mind always take care of your foetus & your health to use pure water.



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Reason behind giving this tip is to survive in case of calamities / disaster where pure water is not available.

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